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In a gentle way, the bowl contains, cups and holds meaning in an uncertain, changing world. It is a quiet archive of thoughts, stories and metaphors that can move from one form to another.

Beate Gegenwart Metalworker & Enameler

The Process

Beate utilises a plethora of techniques, depending on the piece, including; sandblasting, steel cutting and shaping, and enameling. Regardless of the medium, her first step is always with paper – drawing, folding or etching in order to capture the initial idea. Her metallic, black, white and red colour choice reflects her formative years surrounded by brutalist architecture, but are also a reflection of her presence within her own art – between the Familiar and Unfamiliar of the black and white, lays red, a punctuation between the sentences and an essence of Beate herself. For more detail on each pieces individual process, see their product descriptions.
The Process

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