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We come from a family of Artisans and understand the passion which fuels creatives. Thus, we place high value on your time spent creating. 

In working with only the most experienced craftspeople - who have refined their technique and flair - we aim to establish a platform for selling commissioned, bespoke, high value pieces.

Our team at Lost Artisans manages all literary content, customers services, and marketing so you can focus on creating what you love. For each piece of your collection we provide expert guidance on pricing.

We do not hold stock but instead generate commissions based upon agreed collections established between Artisan and Curator. In addition we provide units of sustainable packaging.

Our hand-crafted commissions are authentic and one of a kind. This draws singular connection between material object, customer, and the sense of their lifelong piece.

If your philosophy harmonises with ours, we invite you to share your story; allow us to delve into the motivations and inspirations of your pieces and provide us with insight into the spaces and processes of your production.

You can contact our Curator directly at . Include a short bibliography about your history in your field, or to arrange a call.


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