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"Without craftsmanship,
inspiration is a mere reed
shaken in the wind" -
Johannes Brahms

Lost Artisans is a collection of artists and their wares; a platform to discover distinctive craftspeople, their stories, and the imagination captured in each of their pieces. Based in Scotland, Lost Artisans is motivated by our own familial heritage. Having spent much of our childhood surrounded by highly skilled craftspeople, we found that many struggled to reach a steady customer base through traditional marketing means.

Lost Artisans aim to establish a connection between the hearts, minds and homes of our customers and craftsman. Our values are reflected in our approach which is to foster exclusive experience for both our artisans and clients. We endorse the use of high-quality materials (sustainable wherever possible) and our respect for the inspiration of every piece is expressed throughout our platform. The value of our Artisans efforts and time are paramount, 'a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay' is reflected in our pricing. For more information on the whos, whats and whys of our wares, please see our Artisans page and product descriptions.


From the sensation of a silver bowl sitting
perfectly in the hand to the grace of a silk
scarf, each piece has been created to celebrate the beauty which surrounds us.
Let the character of each signature piece speak for itself.


Weaver, ceramicist, woodturner: each Artisan can be considered a master of their craft, with their collection symbolising the distillation of their skill. Our Artisans and their creations have been carefully selected, considering their history, calibre, and distinction.


From raku pottery to oil on canvas, each of our pieces have been hand-crafted, showcasing the creators own distinctive flair. Let us share with you these special collections, to be cherrished in your home for years to come.


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