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Peacock Butterfly watercolour and Ink illustration

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This peacock butterfly illustration is as vibrant as it is fine. Apricot and cornmilk watercolours populate the majority of its forewings, where colour is accentuated by shades of ebony. The contrasting lower wings replicate the butterflies' iridescence as found in nature, adorned with the peacock butterfly's defensive cornflower eyespots. 
The peacock butterfly - with its relatively large wingspan and nomadic nature - can be found gracing a variety of landscapes across every corner of temperate Eurasia: from the British Isles to Japan.


Materials: Paper, ink, watercolour paints.

Commission time: 3 weeks

Care instructions: when your piece arrives, remove from the packaging and lay on a clean, flat surface.  Where possible hang your framed piece out of direct sunlight, in a stable temperature and non-humid environment. Dust frame regularly with a cloth or unused make-up brush: do not allow contact with water or chemicals.

34.7cm by 41.6cm


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