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Silver and pearl flower vase necklace

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An amusing upside down sterling silver vase holding freshwater pearl “flowers” — one natural pink and one white — framed with plastic grass and strung on a delicate, white freshwater pearl necklace. 

Materials: sterling silver, plastic, pearls 

Commission time: 5 weeks

Care instructions: Store mindfully in a cool, dry, dark place since this piece is UV sensitive. To be adorned daily however avoid contact with perfumes and water. Clean regularly with a fresh, soft cotton cloth.

Necklace; 17” long

Silver vase ( approx ) ; 3/4” long

The Process

Every piece of Abigail’s is handmade from start to finish. She lets the material guide the design of its setting, whether it is a detail from a painting by a Dutch Master or a fallen leaf picked up at random. Even a found object such as plastic grass calls out to her to be integrated with a ruby or two, as can be seen in her flowerbox pin.
The Process
The Maker
ABIGAIL CONNELL Jeweller - Ontario, Canada

Fostered by the art department of her high school, the jewellery studio became Abigail’s home for her formative years. In this nurturing environment, Abigail was encouraged to grow and evolve, working with silver to explore the trade which would bolster her future. Opportunity struck when a teacher entered an image of her jewellery into a national competition searching for Best Young Jeweller, unbeknownst to her. Winning this competition proved to facilitate an apprenticeship in an art school in California, which provided access to further education. Returning to New York City, Abigail studied goldsmithing, mastering her skills in techniques such as granulation and cloisonné enamelling: it is clear that these foundations underpin her work today. Over four decades later, Abigail is based in her studio at the harbour front of Ontario. She enjoys exploring alternative, non-precious, materials: taking inspiration from natural shapes and materials, Abigail ingeniously juxtaposes these with geometric shapes. The focus on contrast is a signature element of Abigail’s craft: between smooth and rough, old and new, humble and precious, working with unexpected combinations is her forte. Pearls and polymer, high-karat gold and grass, pearls and rubber, Abigail invents balanced pieces which foster a fresh narrative and ethos where paper is just as valuable as pearl. She shares her work by selling her wares from local, independent galleries and stores in rural Toronto, Ontario, and her skills through mentoring and teaching classes.


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